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Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

Exceptional user experience across all devices is a necessity when it comes to driving traffic, increasing leads, and improving conversions on your website. If you are not seeing the digital marketing results you want, your website is not fulfilling the needs visitors expect from your website.

The most common reasons you should redesign your website:

  • Slow site speed – 49% of website visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less!
  • Poor mobile experience – Mobile has overtaken desktop as the device people use to search the web.
  • Poor lead generation and conversions.
  • High bounce rates.
  • Poor site security.


Our Website Redesign Process

Our Website Redesign Process takes your business goals and translates them into a modern and clean website designed for optimal user experience and lead generation.

Every part of your site is redesigned with a purpose. We aim to minimize website “leaks”: unnecessary distractions leading your visitors away from taking action.

Our clutter-free designs give users a clear path from landing page to conversion.


Our Marketing Strategy

Footprint Digital’s socially and data-driven approach takes a macro-view of all the elements that impact conversion including social media, content, organic search, email marketing, and audience personas.

Our bespoke strategy is customized for each client to improve brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost lead generation.

We use the Divi WordPress Theme to design, build, and drive our lead generating websites.

Divi 3.0 allows us to create and edit content with incredible speed and ease in real-time.

It makes the collaborative process efficient and effective.

You won’t have to wait days to see a change on your website.

Footprint Portfolio

Check out the websites we redesigned using the versatile and elegant Divi WordPress Theme:

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